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Who we are

We are an NGO which provides organizational, technical, economic, and legal support in the field of social, regional and structural policy. We cooperate with experts from the social work, social services, reginal development, community planning, strategic planning, economics, law, etc.

What we do

We support the cooperation between subjects and persons operating on the territory of Czechia as well in EU countries and in so-called “third countries” in the field of social, regional, and structural policy development at various levels (mainly municipalities, regions, euro regions, etc.).

Through this cooperation, we participate on the dissemination of the latest knowledge, examples of good practice and standards. We support the creation and spread of innovations and contribute to the creation of quality networks of cooperating persons and institutions of the non-profit sector, public administration and the private sector. We have extensive experience in preparing, managing and implementing projects co-financed by various EU programs and other funds.

What we can help with

  • We prepare strategic and conceptual development strategies (midterm plans for the development of social services, strategic plans, housing concepts, territorial studies, etc.) at the local, regional, and national level.
  • We process strategic development plans for NGOs and social service providers.
  • We provide support and implementation of projects focused on the networking of persons and institutions of NGO sector, public administration, and the private sector in the field of sharing examples of good practice, dissemination of the latest knowledge and development of social, regional, and structural policy.
  • We conduct research and analysis in the social policy field. It this field, we also publish, train, and educate.
  • We provide support to projects in various areas of human activities in the context of the regional and structural EU policy through the processing of applications, their management and implementation on EU and “third countries” territory.

EU projects

Projekt: Zamezení sociálnímu vyloučení na obou stranách hranice

Hydrogen – Exhibition: Evropská vodíková strategie a její význam pro euroregion

News 2022

• The Analysis of the requirements for social services for persons with autistic spectrum disorders, created with the participation of our experts, was published on the website of the Ústí region: Analýza potřebnosti sociálních služeb pro osoby s poruchou autistického spektra v Ústeckém kraji: Ústecký kraj (

• On June 16th, 2022, we organized a vernissage and workshop for the project: Hydrogen – Exhibition: European hydrogen strategy and its importance for the Euroregion

The exhibition about hydrogen can be currently viewed in the North Bohemian Science Library, Velká Hradební 49, Ústí nad Labem

Implemented projects

  • Consulting activities in the field of strategic management and providing of social services – Consultation in the field of social service management, organizational management and responding to current needs of territory. Provided to POINT MILOVICE z.s. (social service organization) and České ILCO, z.s. (patient organization) 
  • Evaluation of the project „Support of selected types of social services in the regional network of social services in the territory of the City of Prague for the years 2019-2022“– Providing advices in processing evaluations in the area of the effectiveness of financing social services (asylums and half-way houses)
  • DRIM project sustainability – Ensuring the DRIM project sustainability. Updating data and information listed on the Danube Compass platform
  • The study of social services in the Rychnov nad Kněžnou region – For the ŠKODA AUTO Foundation we are preparing an expert study focused on coverage, financing and requirement of social services and social work in the region. Part of the study is also a draft measure for the further development of social and related service nad social work in the Rychnov region

Finished projects

  • Research of social services in the administrative district of the municipality Chrudim – We analyzed financial and demographic data for the Chrudim district used as data basis for the Community Plan of Social Services Development. 
  • The COVID crisis plan for the Ústí region – Elaboration on sub-chapters in the fields of social services and education. 
  • Integrated Territorial Investments Strategy for the Karlovy Vary region, analysis – Creation of sub-chapters in the area of social a public service. 
  • The Expert Analysis of the social environment of metropolitan area Mladá Boleslav– We provided analysis of the social environment of metropolitan area Mladá Boleslav (mainly financial analysis, analysis of absorption capacity of social housing, demographic analysis, and requirement analysis of social services). 
  • The Feasibility study for the project „Facilities for the Karlovy Vary field and outpatient social rehabilitation team “– For the NGO FOKUS Mladá Boleslav z.s. we prepared a feasibility study and a grant application to the IROP program. 
  • Education in the field of planning the development of social service for professionals from municipalities – together with NGO CpKP we participated in the education of experts from municipalities on community planning in the field of coordinating a financing social service in the Hradec Králové region. 
  • Analysis of the requirements of social services for people with autism spectrum disorders in the Ústí region – our experts participated on the creation of analysis aimed on needs of people with autism spectrum disorders in the Ústí region. 
  • Evaluation of the project „Planning of social services in the South Bohemian region III. “– we provided consultancy in the processing of the evaluation int the area of the system of social services, planning of social services and their financing. 
  • Project: Prevention of social exclusion on both sides of the border – we organized meetings of experts dealing with social exclusion in Ústí region and Saxony during which experience and knowledge were exchanged. 
  • Project: Hydrogen – Exhibition: European hydrogen strategy and its importance for the Euroregion – through the organization of touring exhibition, we presented individual hydrogen activities on both sides of the border (Czechia and Saxony) to the public.

Project involvement and territorial intervention

Since 2020, 13 NGOs, 9 municipalities, 2 universities and 1 foundation from 7 regions of Czechia and Saxony have been involved in our projects.

We operate in 7 regions of the Czech Republic (Jihočeský, Ústecký, Královéhradecký, Karlovarský, Pardubický, Středočeský a Praha)

Our team

Our team includes experts in a wide range of fields (for example: social work, regional development, economics, etc.). They possess top knowledge in their field of work, and positive attitude and interest in harmonious regional development while maintaining social cohesion.

We approach to all project with respect for the core values on which our company is founded.

Bc. Ladislav Marek

Mgr. Iva Michalová

Mgr. Josef Mareš

Ing. Jiří Wiesner, MBA

Zuzana Skřičková

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ACoRD CZ, z.s.
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